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How To Help Seniors Maintain Their Personal Hygiene

Everyone has to practice good personal hygiene, but elders may find it difficult. We at Silver Legacy know how important good personal hygiene is and how it can affect one's overall health and happiness. We are committed to assisting elders to maintain their hygiene and live their best lives as non-medical service providers. Here are some pointers to keep seniors' personal hygiene up to par.

1. Encourage seniors to take showers or baths regularly. To avoid falls, use grab bars and non-slip mats. If taking a shower is challenging, use a shower chair or sponge bath.

2. Encourage seniors to clean their teeth twice daily and to floss frequently. Use mouthwash to refresh their breath if necessary.

3. Teaching seniors the value of routine hand washing, particularly before meals and after using the restroom, is important.

4. Providing incontinence products and helping with clean-up can help seniors who struggle with bladder or bowel control keep their dignity.

5. Encourage elders to clean or comb their hair frequently and plan regular haircuts or trims to help them keep their hair.

Every senior should be able to enjoy a happy and healthy life, and at Silver Legacy, we are committed to assisting them in doing so.

Our non-medical services for elders include bedside care, companionship, light housekeeping, etc. Get in touch with us right away. Let us make it easier and more comfortable for you or your loved ones to enjoy the golden years of life.


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