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About Us

Silver Legacy Home Care is a premium home care agency founded by a team of highly experienced professionals in the field of home care. The company was established in December 2021 by Natalie Valdes, Rebeca Nunez, and Debbie Carusone, who have all had personal experiences with the importance of quality home care.

Debbie Carusone and Natalie Valdes, a mother-daughter duo, gained invaluable insights into home care while caring for Debbie’s mother, who was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis.


Debbie, a Certified Nursing Assistant with over 11 years of experience, specializes in Dementia and Alzheimer’s care, while Natalie, who has worked in home care administration for over a decade, specializes in Human Resources, Employment Retention, and Home Care Management.

Rebeca Nunez, a veteran in the home care industry for over 20 years, has touched the hearts of many elderly and sick members of the community through her calm and loving demeanor. As an administrator for an assisted living facility and a former Director of Operations for another home care agency, Rebeca has gained extensive experience in caring for seniors in all stages of health and situations.

At Silver Legacy Home Care, we believe that our clients deserve nothing but the best. That’s why we’ve built our foundation on love, empathy, and combined experience in-home care. We strive to retain and train top talent while balancing the needs of both our clients and field employees to provide the highest level of care possible. Our concierge-style home care services are tailored to exceed all expectations and provide peace of mind to the local community. Trust us to care for your loved ones as if they were our own.

Meet Our Executive Team:


Administrator: Rebeca Cuellar

In her role as an administrator for an assisted living facility and Director of Operations for a home care agency, Rebeca Cuellar successfully implemented innovative programs that improved the quality of care provided to seniors. She is well-versed in coordinating with medical professionals, social workers, and families to create personalized care plans that address the unique needs of each individual. Rebeca's expertise extends beyond the physical aspects of care, as she recognizes the importance of emotional support and social engagement for seniors. She has implemented various activities and programs to enhance the overall well-being and happiness of those under her care. Rebeca's leadership and dedication have earned her a reputation for excellence in the home care industry.

Caregiver Training and Development Manager: Debbie Carusone

In addition to her expertise in Dementia and Alzheimer's care, Debbie Carusone has also received specialized training in palliative and end-of-life care. She understands the unique emotional and physical needs of individuals and their families during this challenging time. Debbie's compassionate approach and ability to provide comfort and support make her an invaluable resource for clients and their loved ones. She goes above and beyond to ensure that every individual receives dignified and personalized care throughout their journey.

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Alternative Administrator: Natalie Valdes

Natalie is a highly skilled professional with extensive experience in operations, management, HR, employment retention, and training within the home care industry. As a dedicated onboarding and orientation trainer and supervisor, she plays a crucial role in the growth and development of our caregiving team. Natalie is responsible for providing strategic direction as needed, ensuring that our caregivers receive comprehensive training and support to deliver exceptional care to our clients. Her exceptional problem-solving and organizational skills contribute to the smooth operation of our agency. Natalie is committed to creating a positive work environment, fostering professional growth, and upholding the highest standards of care. Additionally, she serves as an alternative administrator, bringing her expertise to ensure the overall success and compliance of our agency's operations.

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Director of Nursing: Jacie Lara Gamez

Jacie Lara Gamez is a highly valued member of the Silver Legacy Home Care team, bringing extensive experience and expertise as a registered nurse. With a passion for delivering exceptional care, Jacie's contributions have made a significant impact on our organization.
Currently pursuing her nurse practitioner degree at Herzing University, specializing in psychiatric mental health, Jacie showcases a deep commitment to improving the lives of individuals facing mental health challenges. Her dedication to helping others and her drive to fix what's broken and uplift communities serve as the foundation of her caregiving approach.

Jacie's dedication extends beyond her professional pursuits. She actively engages in the non-profit sector, working to empower underserved populations and promote overall well-being. Her involvement in various community initiatives and organizations exemplifies her strong desire to make a positive impact on the lives of others.
As a loving parent to three children, Jacie understands the importance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. In her free time, she enjoys spending quality moments with her family, often indulging in outdoor adventures. Whether it's exploring the Florida waters or simply unwinding with her two beloved dogs, Jacie finds solace and rejuvenation in these precious moments.

With her wealth of nursing experience, ongoing pursuit of knowledge, and unwavering commitment to making a difference, Jacie Lara Gamez stands as an invaluable asset to the Silver Legacy Home Care team. Her compassionate care and unwavering support ensure that our clients receive the highest level of care, enhancing their overall well-being and quality of life.

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