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Light Housekeeping And Laundry

Living in a clean home is essential for both physical and emotional well-being. A clean and healthy environment decreases the likelihood of infections and prolonged illness. It is crucial for seniors to stay healthy and feel good about themselves in their living environment.


However, doing housekeeping and laundry can be difficult, especially following an illness or injury. Light housekeeping and laundry services are essential to maintain their quality of life for seniors wanting to live comfortably in their homes. For this very purpose, Silver Legacy Homecare provides a wide range of light housekeeping and laundry services to help your loved ones.

Our housekeeping services include the following:

  1. Making beds

  2. Cleaning the house

  3. Cleaning up after meals

  4. Taking out the trash

  5. Changing linens

  6. Dusting and mopping

  7. Ironing and laundry and other incidental tasks 

The signs are everywhere when your elder one needs help with household chores. Extreme cluttering, piles of dirty dishes around the sink, laundry, garbage, etc. This doesn’t mean your loved one needs to be moved to an assisted living facility. They can live in the comfort of their own homes with caregivers from home care agencies. At Silver Home Care, we provide customized packages according to the needs of your loved ones so that they age in place.

Home Care Light Housekeeping And Laundry
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