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How To Help Seniors With Vision Loss

Are you concerned for your loved ones who are losing their vision? We at Silver Legacy are here to help your loved ones in need by offering non-medical assistance because we know the challenges. Here, we'll provide some insightful advice on how you can assist elders who are experiencing problems with their eyesight. Let's begin.

1. Improve lighting: Ensure their home is well-lit with bright, glare-free lighting. Use adjustable lamps and task lighting to light up particular spaces, such as workstations or reading nooks.

2. Put tactile aids to use: Label furniture, medicine bottles, and clothing with Braille or big print labels. Think of including rubber bands or textured markers as well to aid in differentiating between similar objects.

3. Assistive technology: Discover the world of assistive technology by using voice-activated smart speakers and large-button phones. These devices can make daily routines simpler and more fun for older adults with vision loss.

4. Smartphone accessibility: Help elders set up their cellphones' accessibility capabilities, such as enlarging the font size, turning on voice help, and using screen-reading apps. This will allow them to get crucial information and stay in touch with loved ones.

5. Encourage social engagement: Promote social interaction by connecting senior citizens with nearby support groups, organizations, or online communities concerned with eyesight loss. Sharing experiences and participating in group activities can offer emotional support and insightful information.

Let's support seniors in maintaining their independence and raising their standard of living! Our caring staff at Silver Legacy is available to help if you require more support or have any inquiries. Call us right away!


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