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Home Safety Tips For Seniors

Seniors must be extra mindful at home to enhance their safety. Thorough inspections of the house should be done to make proper adjustments and changes and prevent any potential risks in the future. Following are some tips that can ensure your safety at your house:

1.Adequate lighting = Make sure the lighting is sufficient throughout the entire house. Install extra lighting in the hallways, stairs, and aisle bends. Also, to prevent falls, install a nightlight close to the bed and in the bathroom.

2.Emergency response system = Seniors, should always carry a portable alarm that they may use in an emergency. A push-button mechanism can be installed in some regions of the house to allow you to call the appropriate service when needed.

3.Furniture and flooring = Non-slip coating should be done on the floor, and non-slippery rugs should be used. All the furniture should be stable and robust. Besides, staircases should have handrails installed on both sides, and they should be non-slippery as well.

Adhering to the strategies above can reduce your chance of falling and getting hurt. If you need any other information on in-home care services, including safety home assessments, please contact Silver Legacy Home Care.


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