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The Importance of Vitamin D for Seniors

Vitamin D plays a vital role in human health, especially in older adults. Many older adults do not get enough of this nutrient, which causes bones to soften, making the bone soft, brittle, and prone to fracture, leading to several bone diseases.

Many foods do not have Vitamin D, and the most common way to produce Vitamin D in the body is by converting direct sunlight. People over 65 make less Vitamin D because it is challenging to convert sunlight into Vitamin D as you age. Due to this reason, older adults need to get a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.

There are several ways for older adults to supplement Vitamin D naturally. An afternoon walk in the sun can be of great help. Consuming one tablespoon of cod liver oil supplements 170% of daily Vitamin D. Other foods to eat in case of deficiency of Vitamin D include swordfish, salmon, trout, sardines, mushrooms, eggs, tuna, oysters, and shrimp.

Vitamin D deficiency is a common but serious medical condition affecting older adults' well-being. Sufficient Vitamin D is essential to boost happiness and mental health, promote bone health, and protect oral health. So if you have an elderly at home, ensure they receive a sufficient amount of Vitamin D.


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